VISA (marriage , divorce , etc.) / PERMANENT VISA 

Our immigrartion office focuses on visas for Filipino people.    We are skillful at either type of couple , “Filipino(Filipina) and Japanese” , “Filipino and Filipina” , “Filipino(Filipina) and a person with a different nationality”.

We  have also had a lot of work on Filipino permanent visas.     Please feel free to ask us  after  you fail to get a visa by yourself as well.


Naturalization (Getting a Japanese Nationality)

It  takes a lot of  time  and  labor to submit for a Japanese nationality(Kika-shinsei).

We  offer overall supports  for your collecting documents ,  filling application forms , and  writing statements of reasons.   We also go along with you to the Legal Affairs Bureau(Houmukyoku).



We  have  been  offering  quite a few  consultations  and  supports   since  our  office  opened  as    “the Filipono specialty office”.       You  may be able to  get a visa if you are engaged ,  married ,  or  have  a  child  in Japan   even  though  you  are overstaying.

Our office prepares  required documents ,  goes along with you to the Immigration Bureau(Nyukan), and advises you the ways to answer at the interviews.     We offer you comprehensive supports with confidence.

Also ,  you are able to have  ‘mobile’ consultations.    Overstaying people need to prevent from police check-ups.     We  visit  and  hear  at  your  nearest  place   if  you request.





We has been supporting Vietnamese international students’ visas and finding employment.Now,We will accept consultation between both personnel officers and international students.


Accompanying employment seminars

As an expert ,we can accompany employment seminars for Vietnamese people.By doing so, you can appeal the strengths of your company.