Pag-asa  Immigration Office
Monday to  Saturday 9:00 – 18:00
Tokyo  Toshimaku IKEBUKURO 2-13-4  tensho-ikebukuro-nishiguchi building 303
TEL  03-5396-7274 / FAX  03-6863-3147
MAIL   info@asaoffice-visa.jp



Ishizuka  Tomohiro

●Chuo university   ,   Bachelor  of  Laws (LL.B.)
●Hokkaigakuen graduate Law school ,    Juris  Doctor ( J.D.)


Hello  from my office.    My name is Ishizuka Tomohiro , an immigration lawyer.    I  am  from Hokkaido,  a far North prefecture in Japan.

I  started up my office  after  specializing in international law and administrative law at the graduate law school.       My  specialty  is  the  main  reason  why  I  decided  to  be   an  immigration  lawyer.     Also ,   my Filipina  friend  has been  a core member of  an NPO ,  a largest orgarnization which supports Filipinos in Japan , so  that  many  filipino  people   have  come  to  me   and  have  had  consultations.

Personally ,  I  feel  that  Filipino  people  are sometimes  shy ,  but in reality  they are so friendly and cheerful.    Their  smiles   thankfully  make  me  so  happy.     I  strongly hope that more Filipino people will come to Japan and work together  in  Japanese  communities  because  they  are  so serious  and  diligent   that  their  personality  matches  the  Japanese  one.

Please  don’t  hesitate  to ask me  by  phone  or  email   if  you have a question or a problem on your visa.



Our  office  is  located  by  the  West  exit  of  IKEBUKURO  station.      It  takes   just   1  minute   from  the west “C1 exit”.

Please  go  out  of  the west  ” C1 exit ”  of   IKEBUKURO  station.